Welcome to The Hayloft Farm


The Hayloft Farm, formerly Friendship Farm, is an event venue and homestead located in Schoolcraft, Michigan. The property includes 3.5 acres of beautiful landscape, rustic barns, and a breathtaking 1840s Greek Revival home. Whether you book it for your Big Day or come visit to learn more about homesteading, The Hayloft Farm graciously welcomes you!

Farm History:

Built in 1840 (Abraham Lincoln was President- just let that sink in), the Greek Revival house was originally a model home in a speculative plat that was to have been called Shirland. That venture never developed, but the house is a stunning reminder of it’s long history. At some point in its past, the house was at risk of going to auction. Neighbors in the area all pitched together and saved the farm from auction. Because of that, it earned it’s name “Friendship Farm” to honor the kindness of the community.

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